Technical Support

Toro Aluminum has a unique line of products for residential and commercial hi-rise applications accentuating variety in selection of the complete fenestration systems which may form inclusively an integral building envelope, unmatched on today's market.

For new construction, we currently offer products from 2000 Series and 3000 Series (flush system), and the 1000 Series is dedicated for Re-Re market. You may choose from a wide range of fenestration types such as fixed glazing, assortment of spandrel options, awning, casements, swing doors, sliding doors and dual action products.

Please contact our technical advisors with your inquiries.


Our dedicated team of technical support staff can simply answer your technological questions or provide you with in-depth detailed drawings in response to your specific design needs.

We are regularly working with architects, engineers and consultants on their inquires about our wide array of product details and incorporating these within the intended designs.

Our research & development team is persistently working on improvement of our existing products along with developing new designs to suit the ever changing applications and manufacturing of the constantly evolving industry.

Presently, we are continuing with programs to widen the certification for most of our products with the NFRC organization as well as to have endorsed more options with ENERGY STAR qualification.

So we welcome you to let us help make your glazing design of a reality.