Quality Mission Statement

Toro Aluminum is committed to supplying our customers with highly reliable, cost effective quality products and services. In order to achieve the highest possible quality standards in our industry, we strive to advocate the following values:

Provide dynamic leadership in a work environment that encourages employee involvement.

Partner with our suppliers to develop quality products that will meet our customer’s expectations.

Promote systems and processes that will enhance quality and help us become the most efficient producer in our industry.

Produce a quality product in a safe environment using the latest in manufacturing technology while ensuring industry-leading service and support.

Deal honestly and fairly with our customers, suppliers, employees and government.

Our quality control system includes:

  • 1

    Thorough in-line inspection of the entire production process.

  • 2

    Ongoing in-house and external testing of new and existing products.

  • 3

    Final inspection of the completed product before shipment to client.

  • 4

    Comprehensive reporting and tracking of deficiencies and corrections.

  • 5

    Continuous air and water testing of random sample products.

  • 6

    Closed quality loop to allow for effective process and design adjustments.

  • 7

    Production supervisor feedback at weekly quality update meetings.

  • 8

    Employee accountability through frequent feedback and sign-off on individual work.